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CLOSED in 2015 Edition
NEW 2015 Edition (Mark your books)
First National Tap House 
p.72 -- Mysteriously shuttered with no heads up Feb.12
Jamison p. 147-- Such a grea space and location. Fingers crossed for awesome replacement!
Jinx p. 186 -- First it changed to "12th Cocktail Lounge" -- Now it is Hamlet (a HAM bar! Great cocktails, and uh... very unique concept. From Cathy Whims of Nostrana though.)
Macadam's p. 322

2014 Edition

Township & Range p. 328
Now Hawthorne Lobster House. Started a Happy Hour, but still needs work.
Gilt Club p. 180 -- After 8 years, closing to better enjoy family time
Blue Agave p.286 -- Now Migration Brewing's expansion to new PARTY space
Trebol p.279 -- later Luchador Bar (same chef/owner) which closed too. Word is that something new coming in that same spot soon.
Bamboo Thai p. 102 -- now Maiphai Thai Cuisine
Wildwood p. 221 -- After 20 successful years (lease issues)
Ivories Jazz Club p. 185 -- Gave it a good run while it lasted. I really like Khao San Thai which now occupies the space.
Gypsy p.371 -- After 20 years, a "somewhat-dive" closes (which is actually quite rare!)
Mellow Mushroom p.190 -- 10-Barrel Brewing coming in that locale soon. Gutted it!
Bar Lolo p. 237 -- Now Stella Taco (but lacks a real Happy Hour effort)
Sauvage p. 321 -- Too hidden?
4th Street Brewing -- p. 51 -- A nice space in Gresham, but a struggling one.
Caps & Corks -- p.68 -- Off that beaten path. Triple Lindy is now in that space.
Sand Bar -- p.146 -- Awwww. I really liked that one!
Bistro 153 (Beaverton) -- p.389

With 600 places in the book, fact is that some are going to close. But as a percentage, 16 out of 600 isn't too bad. And hope springs eternal -- all kinds of new places will open up throughout the year :-)

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