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NEW 2015 Book!

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Your book is a huge!!!!! hit around here.

We use it for date night and are tracking our dates and ratings in your notes area.

I am working my way through the Happy Hour Guidebook and Cindy is 7 for 7 on her reviews. What a fantastic resource!

Gotta say how much I enjoy my Happy Hour book. I am on my second edition.

You get your money back immediately once you use a coupon (not to mention the Happy Hour savings)!

At work we call your book the "bible'".

Love my Happy Hour Book!! Keep doing what you're doing! Thank you!

Love the book and use it everyday. Please sign me up for the newsletter.

Happy Hour COUPONS

FREE appetizers
Bazi Bierbrasserie
Bistro Marquee
The Bitter End
Cellar 55
Cerulean Skies Concordia Ale Equinox (+Brunch)
Joe's Crab Shack Karam Lebanese Las Primas

Happy Hour
of the

Mama Mia Trattoria
  (Brunch too!)

On Deck Sports
Santa Fe
Trader Vic's
Wild Abandon

There are so many choices in Happy Hours these days,
it can be confusing and time-consuming to select just where to go. Luckily, the new 2015 Portland Happy Hour Guidebook is here to help!

• Organized by area -- easy to see everything at-a-glance

• Fast-find formula, focusing mainly on top-quality food and ambiance.

• Ratings come from one dependable, knowledgeable source and are based on a consistent, objective formula.

Don' miss it -- and get it for the new year!

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